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Three Employees Receive Silver Snoopys

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Photo of NASA Astronaut Patrick G. ForresterNASA Astronaut Patrick G. Forrester visited Langley Research Center on May 2 and presented Silver Snoopy Awards to three employees: William M. Cirillo, Martha S. Clowdsley and Lynn Ray Seals.

Silver Snoopys are NASA Space Flight Awareness Awards that recognize outstanding performance contributing to flight safety and mission success. Fewer than 1 percent of the space program workforce receives the award annually.

Each award-winner received a Silver Snoopy lapel pin that has flown on a shuttle mission, plus a certificate of appreciation and commendation letter, both signed by Forrester.

  • Cirillo, an employee in Langley’s Spacecraft and Sensors Branch, was recognized for his contributions to the development of human space flight programs. His commendation reads: “Most recently, you served as the study lead for the pre-Phase A design of the Crew and Cargo Carriers required for resupply of the International Space Station utilizing the proposed VentureStar Reusable Launch Vehicle. Additionally, you played key roles in several Space Station redesign efforts, leading studies which provided solutions to station risk mitigation activities. You’ve made several other contributions throughout your career emphasizing the importance of crew safety and risk identification in support of the International Space Station and human exploration mission studies, and these contributions are greatly appreciated.”

  • Clowdsley, an employee in Langley’s Analytical and Computational Methods Branch, was recognized for her role in the development of new computational procedures for space shielding calculations. Her commendation reads: “Your outstanding advancements in methodology development will significantly impact astronaut safety and provide required knowledge for optimal and cost effective selection of radiation shield materials for reaching the Agency’s human space flight goals.”

  • Seals, an employee in Langley’s Systems Integration and Testing Branch, was recognized for mechanical assembly and integration of the MISSE Passive Experiment Containers, experiment trays, handrail clamps and pointer assemblies flown on STS-105. His commendation reads: “You provided additional MISSE support prior to the launch at Kennedy Space Center and completed final assembly of the Weightless Environmental Test Facility hardware used by the STS-105 crew for training at the Johnson Space Center.”

Before presenting the awards, Forrester gave a presentation in the H.J.E. Reid Conference Center entitled, “A Tribute to Space Shuttle Columbia.”

Forrester, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, served as a mission specialist on STS-105 and is assigned to the crew of STS-117, originally scheduled to launch later this year. During STS-105 in 2001, he performed the spacewalk to attach the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) to the exterior of the International Space Station.

Photo; caption follows

Langley Research Center employees (left to right) William M. Cirillo, Martha S. Clowdsley and Lynn Ray Seals received Silver Snoopy Awards on May 2.

Photo by Jeff Caplan

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